yesterday & today

yesterday i made a cous cous salad for the first time {i know - behind the times!}

it actually tasted pretty good & was full of yummy flavours
toasted sunflower & sesame seeds
olive oil
& onion

I will definitely make it again

& then we took the cous cous salad to a NYE bbq to celebrate with friends

& today

i am thinking about all i would like to achieve in this new year 


filling our 8 seater dining table with more that just the four of us more often
a healthier mind, body & soul
reading more books & watching more movies
a load of washing a day {boring but keeps the chaos away & is not my fav part of housekeeping!}
spending less & saving more
actually opening my daily emails from here & not just deleting them un read
take more photographs of families & love & places & spaces

as you embark on this fresh new year of 2012 i hope you enjoy many happy days doing what you love


  1. Happy 2012, I hope you get to enjoy all the things you are looking forward to.
    I deleted all those emails too, then subscribed altogether; overload!

  2. Happy New Year - I am looking forward to following your blog again this year. Your photos are so inspiring.

  3. I hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful year...full of many new happy memories! And we'll be happy to pop over and put our bums on those seats for dinner!! Lots of love, Kelly xx

  4. Happy new year lovely. look forward to following you through it all.

    xx jody

  5. happy new year! I do love your photographs, so enjoy seeing you on instagram and on your blog and I think your list for 2012 is great!

  6. Happy New Year, I look forward to following your blog in 2012.

  7. Happy 2012! Here is to joy, mellow days and couscous :)

  8. Happy New Year, Sarah. Yours is one of my favourite blogs - I find so much inspiration here. Not until I joined Wordless Wednesday did I realise that there is a wonderful online community at work here with so much to share, so thank you for that too xx