summer days


homemade ice cream 

outdoor reading

our crop of beets & chilli

bright blue skies

summer days are here again 


  1. Yum home made ice cream! It looks great. Loving all your photos Sarah.

  2. your photo makes that ice-cream all the more yummy!

  3. Gorgeous shots! That pic of the home made ice-cream makes me want to jump right into my screen and grab it ;o)
    Lucky for me, I've just finished a rather substantial pile of Streets Blue Ribbon ice-cream xo

  4. For a moment there, I could feel summer. Even during this snow blizzard outside my window.

  5. Gorgeous!
    We have had a very mild summer here by Brisbane standards until last week when the real heat and humidity hit. Then we had a few cool days with the traditional storms, excessive rains and minor floods (compared to last year).... and yesterday the heat and humidity were back!! We haven't even been down the cost as the beaches have been closed much of the holidays die to extreme rips and during the storms the water washing the beaches away. Hopefully this Saturday when Michael has an RDO.