it's friday

& today has been a slow & steady day of packing up the Christmas tree, hanging out washing & hoping it dries in this strange & changeable weather, baking a pavlova for dessert tonight after tacos yes a strange combo but i am in a 'pavlova will not defeat me' kind of mood & am yearning to perfect it! my parents are coming for dinner so it was a good excuse to whip one up. the girls have been drawing, tv watching & walking around in my shoes all day long. the sky is grey but my phone is promising sunshine & warmth next week for at least 3 days. i hope it delivers. until then enjoy your weekends & here are some sun filled photos for those of you, like me who miss it!


  1. Love your sun filled photos, like you we have had a real "mish mash"of weather and probably the wettest Summer for a long time.

    Hope your Pav turns out ok.

  2. Gasp! You're only just packing up your Christmas tree... (just kidding!) (A bit).

    Go the pav! x

  3. Lovely images Sarah! I miss the MP so much with beaches "just down the road".
    Missed your WW link up this week.
    I love Pavlova... YUM!! Apart from being a delicious dessert, it's even Bec friendly. (Gluten free!) She will eat it again one day...
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Beautiful post! Your photos are gorgeous! I've never made a pavlova, but I'd like to. :) Happy to be a new follower!