summer days

a couple of friday nights ago we headed out as a family to have a bbq picnic dinner. we all jumped in the car & drove for about 15mins to a picnic spot that had a park {perfect for the girls to play while the sausages sizzle} & it had a great view {perfect for mum & dad to relax by} we had the place to ourselves & talked about how we should do it more often {especially with a group of friends} it was great to not have to do the cooking at home like usual or do the dishes! i had left my camera & iphone at home so i could just soak up the experience with out distraction.... but i felt lost without them & luckily my husband had his phone because i couldn't let the last bit of light from the day go to waste!


  1. looks like a beautiful spot! so peaceful and relaxing! just lovely! xx

  2. WOW, you took this with the phone?! Just proves it is not the equipment but the photographer that makes the photo!