i've been

rolling out of bed @ 6.30ish am every day 
{i am NOT a morning person!}
 to walk
& implement some form of exercise into my daily routine
 i enjoy listening to the radio
 & the wide open space where i can enjoy time just for me
 & my favourite part of missing out on an extra 30mins snoozing
 is the amazing morning sunshine


  1. These pics are gorgeous and tell a wonderful story... that of a strong willed individual giving up sleep to exercise. Very impressed with your dedication :o) xo

  2. Good work Sar, I need to fit that in too! It is all about willpower in the end!

  3. My willpower is not as strong as yours, I set my alarm for the early morning workout and hardly ever make it out of bed. What do you tell yourself to drag yourself out?

  4. It's the best time of the day! I AM a morning person :)

  5. i am a morning person. i think i do my best work before 7am. but that usually doesnt include exercise. where can i find inspiration for that?

  6. my body clock is getting used to waking at this early hour & my husband is a great supporter & usually gives me that extra inspirational talk every morning,......he is such an early bird so he is up already. Now that I have been doing it for several weeks I am loving the freedom & me time! (it has taken several years for me to actually get to this stage though. I could easily come up with every excuse not to get up!!)

  7. I just can't bring myself to get up that extra bit early even though every time I do I love it too.

    Mind you, my days mostly start at 6.30am anyway so I'm talking early early. I hate getting out of bed!! x

  8. Good for you! And the photos are lovely x