i am

looking forward to this weekend. saturday morning i will be spending a couple of hours at the hairdressers. pure pamperness for me! i love flicking through the latest mags. sipping on aveda herbal tea. & having my hair freshened up. i have a big local event to prepare for next week where i will be photographing many dressed up ladies adorning hats & frocks. i too need to pick up my outfit from the dry cleaners & find something suitable to adhere to my head so i don't look out of place. although i can't wear anything too out there as it will probably get in the way of the camera lens! {more on that next week}

happy weekend to you.

any plans?


  1. ooohhh what a great collection of photos. Happy weekend x

  2. Oh sounds like Spring racing glamour on both sides of your camera!! This weekend, my children have parties, athletics has already been rained out & i'm relaxing, shock horror, love Posie

  3. Oooh enjoy your pamper session at the hairdressers :) A mother's slice of bliss :) Happy Weekend Sarah!