here but not here

sorry for my absence
computer issues are keeping me away
but i hope to be back really soon
until then
i hope you are all
happy & enjoying your days
{technology is great when it works but when it doesn't it can be sooo frustrating. i miss reading my fav blogs. but thankful for family with internet & computer access. wordless wednesday is all ready to go. so please pop here then to join in}

see you soon!


  1. I've been having trouble too with my computer! Making me crazy!!!!

  2. I dread when my laptop goes on the blink, makes me feel so disconnected. Hope your issues are all sorted very soon :o)

  3. Oh yes, have been there, or have great connectivity & Blogger decides it doesn't like me, sigh. Love Posie

  4. PS my word verification was 'unwormer' so i wish you an unwormed technology boost soon, love Posie

  5. ack! hope laptop gets better soon! :)