sports day

last week was my eldest daughters first school sports day
we popped to the footy oval for an hour or so
just to make sure she was having fun! & to make sure she knew we were interested in her athleticism
she loved the day it was sunny, clear blue skies & all the participants were given icy poles at lunch time to keep them cool
her house team is yellow hence the abundance of yellow ribbons in her hair

I think she is following in my foot steps of loving the discus, hurdles & relay the most. Did you have a favourite athletics event when you were at school?


  1. High jump and hurdles. Love the bows in her hair. So cute.

  2. love your photos!! it's great when kids enjoy sport.
    your daughter reminds me so much of mine with her blonde hair and glasses. she surprized us by doing well in cross country at that age - now 21.

  3. 100m, 200m, 400m, Long Jump.

    Gorgeous photos!! xxoo

  4. love your shots and love school sports day for the littlies.
    My faves were the sprints and the jumps - couldn't throw to save myself

  5. i love the yellow ribbons......great photos :)

  6. Love the photos Sarah, I was never very good at athletics but enjoyed school swimming carnivals.

    Always Wendy

  7. Anything that didn't involve much athletisism!! and particularly NOT the Cross Country Run!