just a short visit to the beach
 can make a world of difference
 to how the rest of the day is going to turn out
 I get annoyed with the daily routine having to be so structured
so when I have a chance to step aside from the regular, I do

what do you enjoy doing that is not always part of your everyday?


  1. Getting out and taking a walk. It can be hard with a bub who still has no clear sleep pattern.

  2. is it crabs on that first photo? wow how colourful they are. here in oz I only saw dark coloured ones, I have a photo of at least 30 of them together but they are so dark u can barely see them.
    the walk works for me too. today i had to go post office which is almost 2 km there and back, I was cranky that I have to walk but on the way back, the sun was shining and it was so nice outside that I was pretty happy I did it!

  3. I am reading you loud and clear. I feel the same way. The beach always manages to either set a day up well or top it off perfectly. I love the beach :o)
    I also find the groundhog day effect annoying... pretty much anything that breaks that routine I find enjoyable... even if it's going for a run! I know! Madness ;o)
    Gorgeous pics xo

  4. There is something about the clear blue beach water that evokes serenity and inner calm. We have been counting on routine to get us through these days. I don't mind a break from routine like a quick errand and such.

  5. The beach also soothe my soul the sound of the waves and the freedom of endless views...just nothing like it living in QLD we get to go most everyday and all year, we are truly blessed.

    Love your photos Rhi Enjoy your week.

    Always Wendy

  6. I would love to have a Beach close enough to break my daily routine with. But, I must admit that if I were near a beach it would be a big part of my routine. There is nothing in this world as refreshing or calming as watching the sun come up while walking along the beach.
    However, that is a Rare treat for me. So I usually try to have a little "Me" time when I can. No TV, no kids, no hubby, just me in a silent house reading, taking a long hot bath or just playing on the computer.

  7. "Me" time is something I haven't treated myself with for quite a while... until last week!!
    On Thursday & Friday, after specialist appointments, I treated myself to "A Walk in the Parklands" and "Cleveland Point". You can read about these on my blog... I was pretty happy with some of my photos considering I only have a very small digital camera.
    Hope you are all well. xxoo