at our house

we have a visitor coming to our home this week so I have been busy getting the spare bed organised. She is a special visitor. My cousin Louise. All of my Aunties, Uncles, cousins & Nana live in the UK & so when anyone is making an effort to pop over from the other side of the world to spend some time with us we get extra excited!

The sad part is she is only here for a week! {on her way home after some adventures in NZ} so we are planning to fit in lots of activities. Horse riding on the beach, trips to local towns to take in the sights, kangaroo observing & any other past times that Louise needs to complete before she leaves this country we call home.

She is a huge fan of burger rings so we are stocking up on those. Her twin sis Emma will no doubt be anticipating a few packets squashed into the returning suitcase!

Here is the spare bed all ready & complete with my bargain of the year. See that cushion? 
$2.14 from Target - love it!!


  1. Exciting times in your household. Enjoy every minute of your week together.

  2. Sounds like a lovely week ahead :o)
    Fab cushion! Gotta love Target... so many lovely bargains xo

  3. It's fantastic and such a bargain... you've a great interiors/stylists eye to compliment your wonderful photography talents :)

  4. I hope Louise has a fab time with you. We do a similar thing when our relatives come across the pond as well. It's very exciting indeed. And the cushion is fab!.

  5. wow, even your guest bedroom matches the colours of your blog ;-)