grateful for

freshly picked strawberries that remind me of hot Summer days. They are such a great snack to have on hand & having them available this time of year when the skies are grey makes me grateful for the sun that is shining somewhere for them to grow!

time to stand still & reflect on life. 
I don't do enough of it but when I get that moment to myself to stop, take a few breaths & get my mind back on track it makes me a better me.

time spent in the country.
I love driving through small country towns to then stop by the side of the road & look out to paddocks of grass & sheep & cows & to look at how quiet & still everything can be. I am grateful for this amazing world we live in.

more gratefulness here : join in!


  1. photos are so beautiful and the strawberries have been in abundance this winter. we certainly have gone through a few punnets!

  2. It is an amazing world, full of wonder. And it looks so pretty through your lens.

  3. I haven't managed to produce even one strawberry this winter... I knew it was me, not them! x

  4. These snaps are divine. The bowl of strawberries is perfection... and yes they remind me of Summer too! When I was little my parents used to grow them and we would have mountains of them for dessert... dusted with icing sugar, Mmmm, what a sweet memory :o)

  5. I could've written this post, but without the beautiful pictures! I tasted my first strawberries for the season today and they were amazing! I too relish the moment to be still though seldom actually do it. And I love country towns. Just don't get out enough from the big smoke. I loved the road trip we took about 4 years ago and all the sights of nature and vast expanse. City life can be draining.

  6. thanks or sharing.
    you might feel like you dont spend enough time to stand still & reflect on life but I dont think it s true. you have a gift to capture those precious moments in your photos and make them eternal :-)