after school

 I try to mix things up a little
 & sometimes stop the car
 at one of our favourite beaches
 to enjoy some afternoon snacks & time to relax
before we get home to start the long list of things that need to be done before bed time stories get read


  1. Love it! Your girls are so lucky with such a fun mum. Loving the photos - is that your new lens? There are always so many things to tick off the to-do list....hurrah for treats and beach stops!

  2. Seeing your photos brings me happiness. As you do to your girls...

  3. Gorgeous! The beach shot....reminds me of holidays as a kid. Love it.

  4. Is that an afternoon snack? Yum!

  5. Love these shots. The top two are so sweet, no pun intended ;o)

  6. looks wonderful! reminds me I need to start baking.

    thanks so much for your email, I'll drink a cup of tea for you aswell on Sunday and will definitely meet you some day soon.

    also your blog shows up fine for me Sarah.

    happy friday to you ♥

  7. This week I surprised my babes with brownies rather than the same boring afternoon tea. It was a total hit!
    I am in love with your blog!