a Melbourne lane way

this was one of the first stops I had planned for my photographic walk around Melbourne last weekend
 it was full of colour passion devotion & artistic flair
& even more exciting was
 the opportunity for me to
 capture this artist at work
 as he worked on his little space
& made his mark in this eclectic piece of town


  1. I love all the colours and number of different people involved in it.

    Places likes this where it is more about art than just kids messing around are great. In my area someone has walked around drawing rude things on walls. Not my idea of art!

  2. Awesome perspectives in your shots.
    I love the graffiti culture in Melbourne. The laneways are some of my favourite things to photograph. I love seeing how others view them from behind their lenses.
    I didn't realise you are a Melbourne girl. Now I do! Yay!

  3. How fantastic is that .... and I love that their was an artist doing his thing while you were there. Very cool!!

  4. How beautifully colourful. A great place to photograph.

  5. Your perspective in these shots is fantastic and capturing this guy creating some art is neat! What a colorful place to live for anyone around there. Fun!

  6. love this and the way you have captured it to share with us.

  7. I LOVE these photos. LOVE them! The color is fantastic!

  8. Charmain said I had to see this! Wowzers! Now this is grafitti! I've seen so much in New York, but nothing like this. It would have been on my list of things to see for sure! So neat that you caught one of the artists in action.