during dinner

some nights 
we set up the lap top to watch a slide show of images 
which brings back so many memories
with each photo that pops up
they remind me of all the people I have met through this journey of mine
& help me to believe in my dreams for the future

your support & comments also help me to spread my wings a little more each day 
so thank you for sharing this with me & for being a part of my photographic journey 
it means so much 


  1. thats a lovely things to do, i often look through my photos. They hold such great memories x

  2. It's just early Sunday morningn here in Wisconsin USA, so I came for the Shadow Shots, but I saw these photos and felt so warm. Children, especially those very young that are in our lives, are so innocent. You've captured that essence in every one of these photos.
    Now, who's baking? Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, Julia Childs and Martha Stewart? What an idea for the Food Network, eh?

    Very nice indeed.


  3. I think your photography is so beautiful. You inspire me.

  4. Heartwarming through and through.. this is today's best post for me.

  5. .... and gosh darn, I bet your slide show is a little more glam than most!!!! Fern LOVES seeing pictures of herself on the computer. For a 2 year old, she's pretty vain (can't imagine where she gets it from ;))
    Your pictures are lovely, my dear...

  6. Those shots are just amazing, you are so talented!

  7. What a beautiful collection of shots. Very talented indeed. Great idea to set up a slide show at dinner time.

  8. Awesome photos! Kids in their aprons is my fave! Keep it up! Here's my share . Thanks and see you around!

  9. Gorgeous! I love the cooking scene with the pink wall. So sweet:)