this weeks do list

make strawberry jam
take a long walk on the sand
go on a date with my hubby
work on something special for my Dad's 60th birthday pressie
update our family blog so my Nana in the Uk has something new to see (she checks it every Sunday!)
make phone calls to my dear friends
take a bag of goodies to the op shop
make sure the school shoes are polished for next term
take a trip to spotlight for the school Easter bonnet project
clean & tidy up my studio
go to bed before 9pm at least twice 
post a parcel to a friend

what's on your to do list for this week?


  1. That's a mighty fine list. I should do one too. Stay tuned lovely ! Xx

  2. That is the most awesome photo!!!
    Wish I had your talent...and your camera!

  3. Oh you do not want me to expose my to do list it is frightening!We are moving house in just over a week eeeekkkk!
    Have a great week Sarah
    Sandrine x

  4. I like the go to bed early one, I need to do that more often!

  5. I LOVE your picture! Please tell me you live in Sydney and where this shot was taken! I must go there and photograph my family :)

  6. Before 9pm? What are ya, FIVE?

    Just kidding... if you manage to get through even half your list you will have had such a treasure of a week. Enjoy yourself. x

  7. I love that you put fun on your to do list as well as errands. It is so important to keep the balance.

  8. Good grief what a list. mine is more work related this week, working for a newspaper it is deadline, deadline, deadline before the Easter Weekend.

    Great photo by the way.