this little girl

spends her days
missing her big sister
but while her sister is at school
she gets up to all sorts of mischief
& longs for the moment when she can see her again
luckily first term is almost over & they can spend all day together again

how quickly this year is going! 
Now for me to plan some school holiday fun & maybe a few pj days too  


  1. I can't believe how fast it went either Sarah! My girls are so looking forward to having sleep ins with no alarms.

  2. Man she is cute - I love these shots.

  3. Hi! New here but I just wanted to say that this is soooo adorable. Beyond words..

    My sister and I have a 17-year age gap and our conversations always start with when I'll be visiting again..

  4. Wow - she is beautiful!! Gorgeous pictures xx

  5. Oh what a beautiful post! Love these photos and your words bring it all back from when my little one missed her big sister. x

  6. I love these close ups of your little girl. She's a real sweetie.