yum with a capital B

for Brownie
if you would like to bake some of these amazingly easy
& oh so delicious brownies
just follow the recipe below

this recipe was given to me by a mum I met through 'Mother's group' in my early days of motherhood & I am ever so grateful to all the mums I met, for the journey we started as friends & for the cups of tea & brownies we shared together.


  1. That brownie looks so good - I would eat it in no time!

  2. Fabulous photos of your brownie. I am not a brownie person but your's looks wonderful.

  3. Yummo! I'm going to whip up a batch of these little beauties this morning.Thanks for the recipe sharing!
    Oh and your pic is gorgeous too! :)

  4. Oh that meltie chocolate is so enticing. I am NOT going to make these brownies for I would definitely eat them all.

  5. Nom nom! I love brownies and make them A LOT :-) I just found a recipe for Cheesecake Brownies and another for Kaluha Brownies so guess what I'll be making this weekend???

  6. Stop! I'm on the Commando program and you can bet your substantially smaller bottom dollar it doesn't allow for lushly photographed brownies!!! x