the year ahead

 I worked on a little project today
 which involved making lots of apple fabric covered buttons & turning them into magnets 
 so that I could attach my calender for the year ahead onto my fridge
I used a 'Notebook magazine diary' that I had been given & converted it into a calender. I chose the green apples to match the glass splash back in our kitchen & I love the end result. Each month I can flip over the picture to reveal the month at a glance & also get to enjoy the gorgeous photos for the next twelve months.


  1. Oh they look so pretty. Beautiful photos to look at each day.:)

  2. You're too clever! I LOVE that apple fabric, that one is my favourite from all the bookmarks I've got! X

  3. this is a wonderful idea and display. happy new year.

  4. That is a great idea!! I onder if I could do the same sort of thing using some kids drawings hmmm now you have me thinking lol