wacky cake

my Mum used to make this cake lots & lots when I was a little girl
& so 
as we had a friend coming over to celebrate a birthday on the weekend
I wanted to share the experience of
cooking this cake
with my little girls

recipe here

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  1. I love those matryoshka doll measuring cups! They are definitely going on my wishlist!

    Will definately give that recipe a try, no eggs, butter or milk means it's vegan!

  2. Ok, I am about to head off to the link you've shared for this recipe....coz it looks so damn good!!! Anything sweet wins me over :)
    As always Sarah...gorgeous photos! Have a fab week Lovely!

  3. Thanks for sharing this.We have a little friend who can't have eggs, butter or milk so we can make this for him when he comes over to play.

  4. Yum! Love the heart shaped baking tin!