I had been wanting to find a space to display some of my work
 & after needing a visual change in my little studio space
I  decided to add to the nails that were already there & hung a few

of my favourites, which can be added to & changed around & taken down & allow me to reflect & remember special times captured & now displayed.


  1. Such a great idea - very cute and special!!

  2. That looks great! I really do need to print more photos to display, we rent though so its hard to display without adding clutter. I love that your photos have a bit of a polaroid look with the square shape and white border.

  3. I LOVE it and especially that it's so easily changeable. Reminds me of a doco I saw of the official photographer from the White House who takes hundreds of photos monthly and hangs them all around the White House as a reminder of all the momentous things going on.

  4. It looks great Sarah! LOVE that moments from our day with Angie are up there! You've inspired me to take some photos of my space to share, will have to post them soon!

  5. fabulous blog,full of much needed inspiration!
    Happy new year!