we have a little member of our family starting school this year
it's not something I am ready for yet
although she is
& is always asking me
'when can I start school Mummy?'
my heart breaks just thinking about her
leaving my side
to start daily adventures without
me by her side

so between now & then
I thought it would be fun to
plan extra special daily adventures
so we can soak up
the next few weeks of

tomorrow we will be baking choc chip biscuits
then taking them to a favourite place
for a morning tea picnic
with a thermos of tea & little china cups


  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up! My last little one starts school next year so I am going to savour each and every moment left this year!

  2. Oh Sarah, when the time comes, be brave!! And just think about those moments when she comes to you and shares her little journey with you! Those will be special moments that only you two will have! xxx

  3. I understand where you're at, my biggest one is starting Kindy this year. While it's only 5 days a fortnight I'm going to miss him terribly. Be strong, you'll both be fine ... that's what I'm telling myself anyway! :) Vic xx

  4. Your photos are absolutely stunning!! Keep up the fantastic work.


  5. brings tears to my eyes :( such sweet sweet little things they are, have fun creating those last perfect full days together (at least until holidays hey).