shadow shot

taken down town Melbourne
Bourke St
Saturday 4th December

join in with your Shadow shot


  1. Oh graciousness... looking at the street reminds me of my time downunder. I still recall the coziness and the warmness of an Aussie spirit.

    Soon, I'll be there. Staying in Taylor's Lake and Sth Yarra.

    Happy Sunday... 10 hrs different in time and 30 deg different in our temp are shame to think. How I wish am there to enjoy the hot sunny days.

    Cya mate!

  2. Fantastic. (sorry not many words but a slow morning my son had a friend stay over after his birthday party yesterday so easing into the day) Charmaine

  3. A wonderful view and there is a real buzz that summer is trundling in at last! Isn't it grand!

  4. what a lovely pattern of shadows!

    happy shadow shot sunday!


  5. Fantastic shot, and look how "Summery" it is in Melbourne. Awesome!

  6. Oh I'd love to be walking there amongst the stars! That's a super shadow shot! Hope you've had a lovely weekend so far :)

  7. Just look at that glorious sun and what beautiful holiday decorations, enjoy for me too, aye!!!

  8. Love those decorations. Just beginning winter here. Photos like this give me hope for sun again. :)