child hood memories

 are being made
as these 2 sisters

spend hours on their scooters & bikes
only stopping for time to eat, rest & then they are off again. When I go & check on them I can hear them discussing when the 'pizza' will arrive, telling each other the best place to fill up on 'petrol', throwing in phrases like 'ok sweet heart' or they are checking the mail box for the third time that day.....simple happy days, which to me is what growing up is all about!


  1. Wonderful!
    The only thing missing are the baskets full of little friends on the handlebars.

    I love the first image particularly,

    Felicity x

  2. So so sweet....and so so true! A lot of my best childhood memories are simple, fun days at home with my family or friends! LOVELY post Sarah!!!

  3. These pictures make me happy - how did you process them? I love that soft glow and the pastel colors. Love it.

  4. So sweet, I love listening to the beautiful little chitchat of children.