they were all

these were taken by my little one during our recent bush walk. she loved stopping at every flower she saw.
i had my camera.
she had hers.
we chatted.
& snapped away.
& it made me realise.
i need to do it more often.
get out in the great outdoors.
& see life through their eyes.


  1. What a wonderful post.
    It really is a terrific thing to be taught by our little ones to really see what is around us.

    My partner and I go walking every afternoon in our gorgeous neighbourhood which has lots of little wildflowers in bloom at the moment.

    I give the a cursory glance or sometimes often proclaim their beauty in passing, but rarely do I really stop to look at and admire them, consumed as we usually are in our 'very important' thoughts and conversations!?!

    You can bet I will be taking my time and admiring the flowers tomorrow,

    Felicity x

  2. Just beautiful. We can learn alot from our gorgeous babes!
    Loving yellow right now x

  3. Such a lovely post ! Reminds me of our late afternoon dog walk today. Good on you for taking the time to chat, appreciate and share together :)

  4. Yellow makes me feel mellow. But I do love me some yellow, yellow is for warm sunny days and I am missing that right now. These past few days have been so busy and filled with rain

  5. Beautiful words, you gave me goosebumps. I love being out and about in nature with my kiddos, following their lead, seeing what they see. It brightens my day. Should do it more often.