paloma's nest

set of 6 tiny dove tokens- individually wrapped wedding, party favors or gifts - by Paloma's Nest
LOVE ONE ANOTHER tiny text bowl by Paloma's Nest
set of 6 tiny heart tokens - - individually wrapped wedding, holiday or party favors

my husband has been asking me what I would like for my birthday
     (which is a couple of weeks before Christmas)
he asked me this morning again
as he was on his way to work
while I was still trying to comprehend that it was actually morning time
I said I would like a surprise
but he said he needs some ideas
so I said I would make him a list!
while browsing lots of online stores
I came across these gorgeous, simple pieces

make sure you have a look around
there is lots more to see

I am off to add to my list!!


  1. My husband likes a list as well! My birthday is in December as well. Charmaine

  2. beautiful.

    great blog
    best wishes
    Open house blog, Norway

  3. I love Paloma's Nest too. Internet shopping is the best!!!