it's my therapy

to bake & take photos, then see how they turned out. this weekend I needed to bake & take photos. 
it re-fuelled my creative soul & mind.


  1. there is something about cooking, and being amongst things that make you happy. I am becoming more creative with food and it is interesting how you do not have to be the "best" cook to be creative and come up with some interesting combinations. Even just to take images of what you have done lets your creative side come out.

    keep baking and taking photos. your creative soul is beautiful and comes out in your images.


  2. Oh yes! I totally agree. Baking provides me with a great sense of achievement, and in the kitchen I can find a little island of calm in the middle of an ohterwise turbulent ocean...

    I love your pics.

  3. I am the same. Love the eggshell photo. Charmaine