I had an email this week from someone regarding 'wordless wednesday' something I started here on my blog
as a way to link the blogging community through
photographs & images
giving a day a week to not have to write anything
it sounded catchy
much better than silent wednesday etc.......

they brought to my attention
a 'wordless wednesday' link up
that was started several years ago

the email stated:

'in my experience Bloggers have
way more respect than to poach anothers Meme using the exact same title! Not even a
small variation??? I'm a long standing Meme player, have seen many come and go but
have NEVER seen such blatant copying! Plagiarism springs to mind! 
Seems like you also enjoy a double standard. You earnestly requesting your own photo's
not be used yet you're willing to steal a long standing, successful, working idea of another
blogger for personal amusement and blogging world gain!
No offence intended, just thought you would like to know!
Hope your conscience recovers!'

You can imagine my shock & disbelief
& how saddened I was with these accusing words
as I was never out to copy
or upset anyone
it's just not how I roll

SO rather than feel intimidated & upset about the whole issue
I would like you guys to help me
think of a new title
so we can be free to 'meet' here each wednesday & share our love of wordless images

please leave any suggestions in the comments & the new title will be revealed on wednesday! thank you XO

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  1. I'm not sure if using the term 'Wordless Wednesday' is exclusive intellectual property especially seeing as the original, who I linked with the first time I participated in WW and then had difficulty trying to hook up the second time, has an inconsistent history. I think that there is some accountability on those who borrow the phrase but I'm not sure if it's any more than admitting it is not your own as with colloquialism and slang used in our everyday language. This site is not the only example of people using what is now a commonly used phrase. is one example. Perhaps just referencing the original rather than creating a new title would be the best option. WW is so well recognized I guess it would seem more like 'stealing' to rename it. Please continue, I look forward to Wed and it makes me think about the pictures I'm taking. JM xo

  2. That must have been a pretty distressing email to have land in your inbox. Being a new blogger, I don't know the history of WW, but my IMPRESSION is that it's a pretty generic term. And what is WW anyway? Just a post title that several people are using and then linking together with. I'd have thought that the content of the posts themselves (ie the images) are where the IP would lie. HOWEVER, I can understand why you might want to change the name, for the sake of goodwill and peace.... How about Photo Phriday. Actually that's pretty bad isn't it! I'll have a think...

  3. Well this just goes to show how precious some people are. Don't let it bother you, but just go one step better and come up with a BETTER name. It may be best to google it first in case it's taken,so as not to upset the touchy people out there.
    I like the phrase "A Picture speaks a thousand words"!

  4. omg - this is absurd! since when is using two words at the same time to explain a blog post stealing!! someone is being very precious - i do a wardrobe wednesday on my blog occasionally and have since discovered that other people do as well! I hope I don't receive a similar abusive email like yours!!! If you want to change the name perhaps Wednesday Without Words could be similar but different - I still can't believe you got that email! Hope your not feeling too down about it all ;-))

  5. Oh dear, Sarah that is awful and I am sorry you received such an email. I bet if someone really investigated the origins of wordless wednesday it would go back to a time where there was no internet!! Plagarism would be if you copied someones words and pasted them as your own on your blog. Bah. I say you keep it as Wordless Wednesday. It's all about posting a photo, no words, on a wednedsay. And it's great you are linking up so many bloggers! I sometimes did an I Heart Tuesday post - things to make me happy on my least favourite day. I bet if I goggled that there would be other people out there in the world doing something similar!
    Keep smiling. xx

  6. Seriously, there are far better ways to tap you on the shoulder and bring to your attention the fact that others have similar meme's. When you get an email like that, attacking you without giving you the opportunity to respond, you need to step back and think about the person who sent it. A very lonely, resentful, nasty piece of work who finds it easier to write so accusingly without giving you the benefit of the doubt. Don't lose any sleep over that one. Don't change the name. Continue doing what you are doing. If the authors of the other 'Wordless Wednesdays' had an issue don't you think they would have sent you an email. Doesn't appear that they have a problem and last I checked, words were not copyright. So, tell him/her, to blow it out their ear and move on. You are far too talented and generous to give a toss about this crackpot. Have a great week.

  7. oh wow, what a way to start the day hey!
    I don't know the origins either & I am sure I have heard it around, but never thought that it was a "stolen" meme.
    don't get upset, we know that you would not have deliberately stolen it & claimed it as your own, we do know photos & you go hand in hand.
    I don't know what I would do on such an occassion, don't give up on it though.
    we love tagging along with you Sarah ♥

  8. Oh my! This is really upsetting news, I had seen around that others do a "Wordless Wednesday" but who cares really! Will think on another title, but what ever you choose to go with, we are all still coming along for the ride.

  9. Oh pla=hease! It is a two word phrase, get over it (them, not you!). You are not plagarising anything. Your fellow bloggers are willingly playing and putting their own images up. Wordless Wednesday says it all and everyone loves joining in. To write such an accusatory email without hearing your side is plain wrong and I would not feed into it. As you know for me right now, I think there are far more important things going on in the world and this person should put things into perspective! Keep up the good work, your blog is divine!

  10. I am with Melinda - whoever sent you the email needs to get over it. I like Wordless Wednesday and will continue to join in. Unbelievable.....

  11. Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry you had to log on to find that email waiting for you :(((
    Some people are so possessive & competitive when it comes to this world of blogging! I know for some it's their way of making a living....and for most of us it's our creative outlet, but hey c'mon......relax a little o'mighty'bloggers! As a writer, designer, crafter etc....I am all for people respecting copyright laws & not copying other people's content & always linking back to inspiration & other blogs.....but in this big wide world, there will always be similar blog topics and even the same blog titles! You aren't out to hurt anyone Sarah & you I'm sure in no way were you trying to steal or even be competitive!
    I love joining on your Wordless Wednesday posts! It's a relaxing way to blog quickly :) I love the name too! But if you decide to change the name....I'll still be joining in & linking to you :)))
    I recently started a weekly 'all about my weekend' blog linky & I've had some wonderful feedback but also heard that I've offended some other bloggers who have similar linkys! OOPS! That wasn't my intention. Far from it actually!!! I blog about my weekend every week so decided to start my own linky so I could do it my way! And if people joined in...all good & well....if not, no love lost :)
    Keep smiling Sarah!

  12. Oh Sarah, what an awful person to email such rubbish to you! I'm with Knicky Knacks, tell 'em to blow it out their ear. Don't you dare rename it! I love your wordless wednesday linky thingame I've found some awesome blogs by playing along! And everyone who participates is so friendly! It fosters a positive bloggy community. Please don't change it :)

    Claire, I can't believe that you've had criticism for Week-A-Boo either! Yours stand out above the the other weekend linkys because you take time to visit and comment on your readers posts, that's what makes me keep coming back to check your blog everyday!

    You gotta wonder are these other bloggers getting their knickers in a twist because the "newcomers" are doing it better or getting more attention? Yay for the little guy I say lol

  13. Some people just like to complain.
    Hope you are feeling better. Nasty mail is no fun.
    When I look at posts of WW, I am looking at the photo. Isn't that the idea? To me, the title of the post, is just that, only a title.

  14. It's a bit short sighted to assume that you copied it. How could they possibly know that. People come up with ideas all the time that others have already already put to work. Think, before the internet, there would have been lots of different people crafting the same things and coming up with similar business ideas, with absolutely no knowledge of each other. Now, because everything is so accessible, we automatically jump to the conclusion that it has been pinched. And that's not always the case.

    Good for you for posting this. It shows you are honest and do have integrity. I'll have a think and see if I can come up with something...

  15. Some people really. "What we see Wednesday" ,"Our world Wednesday", "Minimalism Wednesday", Who needs words Wednesday", Cheers Charmaine

  16. im sure wordless wednesday is used all over the net! and this person wasnt the first person ever to come up with it! they dont own the words so dont worry about it :)

  17. I'm sorry you received such a harsh email regarding WW! That's just crazy! I've seen a few different blogs hosting a WW each week so I thought it was ok. I remember checking out the original (if it was indeed the original) one a long time ago and it was so confusing as to how to link up I never bothered joining. So sometimes I post a photo with no words on a Wednesday and call it WW but have never linked it anywhere because I was never sure how it all worked. Sorry I have no idea regarding names but I really don't see why you can't continue as you have been. Geeez, it's just a bit of fun. I think that email was over-the-top and uncalled for. Ignore it and carry on. With a smile even :)

  18. Oh geez. What a distressing message. I can imagine how it made you feel. Of course, WE know any similarity was unintentional. It's not like you're making money out of it or anything. I hesitate to suggest anything because my internet is slow and I don't have time to check things - but if you're going to change (which, honestly, isn't necessary, but I can imagine may help you put that awful note behind you), maybe lay claim to the whole day - Faith Hope Wednesday - a photo without words... hugs to you, whichever way you go.

  19. I came to your blog today by way of Shadow Shot Sunday. I do a few memes, but I have b]\never done Wordless Wednesday as started by you. I have seen it at other blogs I return to, blogs of my friends.
    How about Sarah's Wordless Wednesday. You personalize it, with your name, or use another title name. If it was an honest cfreation, which I totally belive it is, then tell the letter writer that. I'd also tell them their wording is the offensive opart as they opened their trap without asking about it and finding the facts.
    This is a nice way for me to say it. There was certainly a time when Go F*** Yourself would have sufficed.


  20. Silent Wednesday, Photo Talk, Wordless Works, Wordless Wonderfuls :-) Oh dear I think it may consume me to think of a name!! lol! I agree with everyone else and the person who sent that email need to go and learn some people skills! We enjoy linking up and will whatever you name it :-)

  21. hehe scratch that Silent Wednesday one :-)

  22. What a joke Sar! If this person actually knew you (which is sometimes the downside of the impersonal side of the Internet) they would never have written such rubbish!!! You are the most beautiful, caring, sincere, honest, giving, selfless & holy person, and I can vouch for your credibility over the last 23 years!!! Keep doing what you do- and don't let it get to you! I'd love to hear a response from this person (!!???) to all the feedback you have received!

  23. As an inexperienced blogger I assumed there were many 'Wordless Wednesday' blogs. Obviously it had to start somewhere but I've seen quite a few different ones so I wouldn't have thought it was 'stealing' someone else's idea.
    My advice, delete the email and forget it!

  24. my first worless wednesday with YOU !
    i think this world is big enough for us all to share and be :)
    i'm sure someone five hundred yers ago though of wordless wednesday too - there are too many of us to think that uniqueness is all our own.
    glad you have stuck with it !

  25. Oh wow. I totally missed this post!

    What a shame that certain people have to be so nasty and petty!

    It certainly doesn't matter if a photo meme has the same name as another! If we all had that attitude, then it would be a horrible horrible world.
    Who can honestly say what is completely original these day's, anyway!?

    Glad you decided to stick with the title. You have every right!


  26. Sorry it has taken me so long to see this post aswell......I agree with every word everyone has written here so I don't need to write anymore but keep going with Wordless Wednesday I say!!!!

  27. people have come up with some great titles for you...however, doesn't it seem that if you "changed the name" it would be "stealing" the whole concept behind WW. omgosh-what did this person want. the email was very lame. some folks are never happy unless there is drama in their lives. it seems that you have a wonderful following just keep being have done nothing wrong.