my 4 year old says

the lovely Lucy has tagged me in an interview with a 4 year old - here goes!

Me: Can you tell me what Autumn is?
Miss 4: well it's sort of a little warm & sort of a little cold - when all the leaves fall off

Me: What type of clothes do you wear in Autumn?
Miss 4: well if it's cold you wear a hoodie, some pants & a singlet. ummm when it's warm you wear a t-shirt a skirt with some leggings & undies & a pony tail & glasses

Me: What about shoes for Autumn?
Miss 4: well if you get cold you put some socks on & some gumboots. If it gets hot you can wear some thongs & if it's warm you wear some thongs too.

Me: What sort of food do you eat in Autumn?
Miss 4: ok - I do sandwiches, apples, marshmallows, fish & chips, carrot, pear, cheese cartwheels, yogurt, ice-cream

Me: Isn't it a bit too cold for ice-cream?
Miss 4: noooooo!

Me: Anything else you would like to say about Autumn?
Miss 4: nothing else

So now I tag:
Cathie @ M.E

& if you would like to play along too please do!

photo is of the stunning Virginia creeper we have growing against our house


  1. Hahhah! She and Charlie should be eating ice cream together!

  2. it's never too cold for ice-cream!
    thanks for the tag Sarah, i'll get the interview happening soon

  3. That is so funny! She is a very clever 4 year old.

    When I looked at this I thought, oh, is it ok to use a child that isn't 4 because I don't have a 4 year old...which of course is ridiculous because I have been going on and on about our 4 year old birthday party all week!!

    Thanks Sarah, Lou.

  4. ha! too gorgeous! i love the way kids view the world.