life lately

i've been starting my days off with walks along the beach. trying to clear my mind & relax a little. i don't get far before stopping to capture a little piece of where we live. power walking along the beach has become my therapy from the busyness of everyday. only 2 more sleeps till summer begins & i am quietly counting down the days to the school holidays. i can't wait to recharge. unwind properly & spend more time at the beach.

what do you do to escape the busyness of daily life?


  1. Beautiful photos Sarah of a beautiful part of the world, just as lovely as my neck of the woods across the bay!
    As you know, I like to escape the busyness and hoping time stops still, as I eat yummy food and drink lots of hot chocolates......with dear old friends! Yes, another catch up beckons!

  2. That sky! Those clouds! That ocean! Perfect :) The beach is definitely the best place to escape life - one of my favourite ways to zone out as well.