life lately

 {bean bag loving while we wait for our new couch to arrive. it's been 7 yrs in the waiting 6 weeks in the making & it's due to arrive within the next 3hrs!}

 {my first Donna Hay packet cake mix attempt. wasn't much left after a few days so i'm guessing it's a winner?!}

 {gorgeous sunsets}

 {& peaceful early mornings}

 {new coffee stops explored}

 {welcoming a new member of the family 'Bella' the most adorable westie who can handle many cuddles & all the attention 2 little girls can dish out!}

 {school holiday baking}

 {night times that come so much faster after putting our clocks back. fairy lights always help add some sparkle}

{watching my girls grow up & imagining the day their feet will actually fit into my shoes!}

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  1. I adore your photos. I hope you are enjoying that new couch, Maybe you should make another cake to celebrate its arrival :)