this week

school is back
my husband is home to share in the daily duties
I will be photographing a whole lotta love as two say 'i do'
swimming lessons resume
cleaning needs to be done
parcels of photographs will be popped in the post
phone calls to friends will be made
meals will be cooked
grass will be cut
party shoes will be worn
& I hope you all get to enjoy some sunshine


  1. Such a lovely way to start my week....enjoy your week too. Dee x

  2. you are going to be a busy bee! Sounds like you are shooting a wedding?? I will be shooting my first wedding in a few weeks...eek! good luck to you!

  3. What a productive line up for your week. Just reading this made me feel I should be doing more :o)
    It must be so lovely shooting a wedding, such a happy time.
    Gorgeous photo, love the sunshine xo

  4. Love the smell of cut grass, sounds like you're going to have a productive week!

  5. Yes, there's cleaning and meals and phone calls.. and lots of sunshine!

    Enjoy your week!